Tumbleweed or Twitter?

If you’re not one of the folk following me on Twitter, it would seem like I’ve dropped off the face of the planet. I’ve found it difficult time wise to update the site as much as I would like. Never fear, the AgentCast / Podcast series is always in progress. That being said, if you wish to contribute a podcast, please get in touch. We all love to hear new mixes.

I’ve been so quiet with reviews and the netlabel tracker on the website recently I am going to share some of my #MM posts from the land of tweet. I urge you to join in the discussion on Twitter, where you will find music lovers and makers who are super friendly and engaging.

Ambienteer – 30th Compilation

First up is Ambienteer who has just released his thirtieth (yes, 30th!) compilation of ambient tracks for free. So many beautiful ambient soundscapes and chilled out melodies all wrapped up in a neat zip file. James is an inspiration for many producers, the quality and frequency of his output is astounding. Please consider supporting James and check out his releases on Bandcamp. You will find him here on Twitter

DaDub – Backward Forward EP

DaDub’s Backward Forward EP on A Quite Bump record label is a notable 2nd release from this dub outfit. Chilled sub bass and spaced out riddims are laid down with just the right amount of vocals. Be sure to download this release and keep following this Italian netlabel for other skankin’ goodies.

That’s all for now folks. Please feel free to leave some comments. Until next time, let the music keep you smiling.


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