TEDx Phnom Penh 2012 – ‘Inside the pinnacle’

‘Inside the pinnacle’, an art installation by Warren Daly and Dina Chhan

With a diverse set of topics delivered by highly entertaining speakers and almost 600 people in attendance, this years TEDx Phnom Penh was a great success.  This years theme was all about inspiration.

Inside the pinnacle

'Inside the pinnacle' - art installation - ground floor view

'Inside the pinnacle' - Ground floor view

A number of months ago we were excited when the TEDx committee requested us to produce an art installation for this years show. We became more excited when we discovered our installation space was a 4 story (20 meters) high stairwell shaft that’s 4m x 4m wide.

We were granted the ability to not only think big, but build big.

Entitled ‘Inside the pinnacle’, our piece consisted of 2 large spot lights, 20 kilos of shredded paper, 152 meters of red fabric and an abundance of creativity.

What is TEDx?

Inside the pinnacle - Art installation by Warren Daly & Chhan Dina

Inside the pinnacle - looking up to the 4th floor

At a TEDx event, TEDTalk videos and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection. This years event hosted 10 speakers covering topics such as using data to make decisions, dreaming big, education, learning languages and more. There was live music, spoken word and a great atmosphere. The event was streamed live on the web as part of the TEDx simulcast. Click here for more information regarding TEDx Phnom Penh.

Some more recycled electronics


Drone TV - recycled electronics by Warren Daly

We also installed a ‘Drone TV’ made up of recycled electronics on the 3rd floor. Consisting of a hacked CRT monitor displaying modulated colours while emitting beautiful ambient sounds that filled large areas of the stairwell.

Last year myself and Dina spoke at TEDx Phnom Penh about thinking big and thinking creatively and we utilized recycled electronics to build a virtual painting wall.

We encourage you to dream big and to overcome the barriers restricting your creativity.