Download Podcasts and DJ mixes the easy way

Do you want an easy way to download DJ mixes and podcasts?

You need Juice, an excellent program written by the fathers of podcasting Adam Curry and Dave Winer. Juice is a podcatcher, a podcatcher is piece of software that allows you to subscribe to a podcast or RSS feed. Juice will automatically download any new DJ mixes or podcasts as they become available, this is particularly useful if you decide to listen to many podcasts as it saves you from having to visit each individual website and download the podcasts manually.

There’s even more excellent features.

  • Synch it with your mp3 player so that Juice automatically loads your podcasts on to the player. Perfect if you running out the door. A whole bunch of new mixes for you to listen to on the go.
  • It supports Bittorrent and several other formats.
  • If the media player on the system supports it, the downloaded content is automatically added to playlists.
  • The content is kept on the local harddrive in nested folders, titled with the show’s name.
  • The system works on Mac, Linux and Windows.
  • An alternative to iTunes.

If you download this little gem, be sure to add our AgentCast RSS feed URL

Happy listening!


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