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300x300_findme_bwWow, a free service where you can stream top notch podcasts, radio shows and other goodies all for free.  But they don’t call them podcasts…

A Cloudcast is an extended audio show that is hosted in the “cloud”, in other words hosted somewhere centrally on the Internet rather than on your local hard-drive. Therefore, unlike Podcasts, Cloudcasts can be enjoyed via on-demand streaming without any waiting required.

Let’s hope the nice people at MixCloud have good ideas (please don’t do what Last.FM did) about how to generate revenue to pay for the terabytes of disk space, not to mention the bandwidth that is being consumed. If you are worried about other legal issues..

Mixcloud is committed to supporting artists who appear in music Cloudcasts and has an objective to provide a superior legal alternative to file sharing. As such, Mixcloud is fully licensed by the PRS for Music, and all playback of copyrighted songs contained within the tracklists on the site are reported so that the correct licensing royalties can be attributed to the artists.

Our AgentCasts will always be available to download or stream from here! Follow us on MixCloud if you want to stream tons of other fine mixes when you’re not listening to your favorite Invisible Agent artists.


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