New releases to checkout: ikeaboy | Sunken Foal

ikeaboy debut album

After a number of acclaimed 12″ EP releases on both D1 recordings and Invisible Agent over the past few years, Damian Tubbritt a.k.a ikeaboy has stepped up to the plate and released an album on Nute. Entitled ‘The Ikeaboy Long Player’, this 8 tracker LP is a sub-bass heavy electro excursion. A review is coming soon so stay tuned…


Sunken Foal – Mother of God

Sunken Foal has released a new 6-track EP Mother of God on Acroplane

Boomkat review

Two years after their well-received Planet Mu album, Sunken Foal return with six tracks for Acroplane. ‘Mother Of God’ finds their sound at a juncture of Alex Smoke-like, Autechre-referencing electronica in ‘Low Mountain Light Socket’ and the mercury fuming synths and quickstep syncopations of ‘Gift Knee Pads’, while ‘Colloidal Glass’ is a glassy IDM configuration and ‘Platforms’ like some swaggering Gescom beat. Ace.

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