Netlabels: Free as in beer

Free as in beerLooking for some fresh new music to listen too? fed up of scouring file sharing networks or the sea of 99 cent downloads on iTunes? do you need some inspiration? Take a break from your usual digital haunts because over the coming months I’ll be sharing links to a selection of excellent Netlabels. Not only will you discovery some amazing new music but it’s free (as in beer), legal and high quality.


A Netlabel is a record label that distributes its music through digital audio formats (such as MP3 Ogg Vorbis FLAC or WAV) over the Internet. Netlabel releases, a.k.a Netaudio is still considered a niche within the music business. But higher quality production techniques, new licensing systems and cheaper Internet access are all acting as catalysts for the growing importance and impact of Netlabels.

If you think that Netlabels only release pounding techno or strange bleep music you’re in for a surprise. I’ve discovered a wealth of high quality Jazz, Downtempo, Chillout, Lounge, House, Indie…. the list is endless. Free aural lunch, yes! stay tuned as I share some of my favourites for you to feast on.


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