Netlabel Tracker #9: Ambienteer

James Fahy, better known by his super hero name ‘Ambienteer‘ regularly expresses himself using ambient music. Okay, I’m cheating, he doesn’t run a netlabel, but he does share his art with the world.

James reveals his thoughts and emotions with wonderful drifting soundscapes that wander peacefully, other times spinning out of kilter.

Think of this as an abstract audio diary.

He regularly posts amazing little ‘noodles’ as he calls them, recordings that range from experimental drones to waves of atmosphere. He always posts an explanatory paragraph that engages me more with his work. I really enjoy his output.

Some say self-expression is the pinnacle of all art, and I agree. Ambienteer’s flag is already on the summit.


2 responses to “Netlabel Tracker #9: Ambienteer”

  1. Goodness. Thanks for your kind words about my blog. Hoping to continue making some sounds that others might enjoy… :)

  2. […] have a cause for celebration and a big announcement. James Fahy a.k.a Ambienteer seems to think a little announcement would suffice. I’m sorry James but that […]

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