Netlabel Tracker #7: unfoundsound records

The Invisible Agent Netlabel Tracker has generated a lot of interest in a short time. Make sure you follow the Invisible Agent Twitter account and don’t forget the Netlabel tracker list to keep up with high quality Netlabel releases and other goodies.

foundsound records - Invisible Agent Netlabel Tracker #7For the last tracker in 2010, I’m proud to present Philadelphia-based label ‘Foundsound Records’. Foundsound showcases quirky, dancefloor-friendly minimal Techno and Microhouse. Their first 12″ vinyl was released in June 2004 and they’ve been working relentlessly ever since. With 23 releases and counting they’ve been a busy crew. On the flip side they run Unfoundsound Records and release high quality music under Creative Commons.

Unfoundsound offers worldwide exposure to promising new artists as well as established artists from around the globe.

Unfoundsound have a free release nearly every month and have clocked an impressive 53 releases so far. Wait, it gets even better! They’ve put together field recordings too. Each package feature samples, sounds and random noises with some excellent artwork.

With 12″ vinyl, regular Netlabel releases and a field recording library the Foundsound crew deserves gold medals all round. Start discovering new sounds now! We’ll be back in the new year with more reviews and links to wonderful music.


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