Netlabel Tracker #10: Archaic Horizon

Archaic Horizon Netlabel LogoDiscovering great new music is gratifying, but some days the thought of scouring the web for freshly pressed tunes can impede even the most determined of us. Recommendations are king, right? So I was delighted to received a commendation for Archaic Horizon from a friend and music producer Bluefood several weeks ago.  I knew that he had already run them through his filter, so I headed straight to the downloads section. Nice and easy for me to expand my music collection with more excellent electronica.

Stellar tunes are the order of the day at Archaic Horizon. You’ll be allured by languid breaks, fluid pads, ambient analogue soundscapes and meditative sonics. After I downloaded and listened to four of the latest releases I ended up downloading the entire catalogue. So be sure to visit their site and please share their beautiful music with your friends. Until next time, happy listening.


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