Netlabel Tracker #1: Forest Records

Forest RecordsWelcome to my new Netlabel tracker. Suitably named with a nod to the historical events surrounding the creation and expansion of Netlabels from the tracker scene in the 90’s. For this first instalment it gives me great pleasure to (re)introduce the fabulous Forest Records.

Forest Records is the musical wing of the Forest. 100’s of bands and musicians have composed, performed and decomposed in the Forest since its birth in the heart of Edinburgh in 2000. Forest Records exists to promote, support and record for posterity some of those times, talents and tunes.

The Forest Cafe – The one true bastion of multifaceted goodness in Edin’s burgh (Peter Escott)

The Forest collective consists of over 20 artists. The multi talented crew include Caro Bridges, CMG, Ragland, Sycamore Drive and our very own Danseizure to name but a few. Between them they cover a spectrum of musical stylings including but not limited to ambient soundscapes, electronica and singer-songwriter recordings.  The download page is ridiculously easy to use and you can grab all the singles and albums including artwork in just a few clicks. Get downloading now at forestrecords. Enjoy the free music.


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