Netlabel recommendations and reviews

What is the Netlabel Tracker?

The netlabel tracker contains reviews and recommendation of quality netlabels that are active and innovative. I’m wish to spread the reviews across as many genres as possible.

Why do I post Netlabel reviews?

Discovering great new music is gratifying, but some days the thought of scouring the web for freshly pressed tunes can impede even the most determined of us. The Netlabel tracker is suitably named with a nod to the historical events surrounding the creation and expansion of Netlabels from the tracker scene in the 90′s. I’ve discovered so many wonderful people, music, videos and blog posts that I wish to recommend them to you. It’ll save you time, hopefully you’ll even recommend netlabels, musicians and other creations with me in the comments below. Before I post the 13th review I wish to revisit the previous recommendations.

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Previous Recommendations & Reviews

feedbackloop netlabel


Combining exciting new sounds, stunning visuals and poetry. True champions of Creative Commons and the Netlabel cause

Born Digital - Passenger


Born Digital

A media collective run by experienced audio and video producers.

Archaic Horizon Netlabel Logo

Archaic Horizon

Languid breaks, fluid pads, ambient analogue soundscapes and meditative sonics. Quality.


Technically not a netlabel as such. But with 30 albums under his belt, James Fahy is certainly an essential ambient artist to have in your collection

Random Access Recordings - Invisible Agent Netlabel Tracker

Random Access Recordings

Detroit based netlabel concentrating on quality house & techno.

foundsound records - Invisible Agent Netlabel Tracker #7

Unfound Sounds Records

Foundsound showcases quirky, dancefloor-friendly minimal Techno and Microhouse.


Diverse netlabel that specializes in downtempo electronic, ambient and experimental sounds.

yuki yaki

Yuki Yaki

Yuki Yaki is an artists platform and netlabel focused in the area of electronic media. Primarily minimal techno, electronica or clicks’n’cuts.


12 Rec excel in releasing quality music from post-rock outfits. Diverse and energetic recordings encompassing Lo-Fi folk, Shoegaze Indiepop, Chambermusic, Jazz, Avant-Garde and Americana.


BFW Recordings

Lush sound-scapes, glitchy indie, ambient and shoegaze. BFW have one of the impressive release catalogues around


Bump Foot

Japanese based Netlabels. Bump releases House and Techno while Foot concentrates on Ambient, IDM and Electro.

Forest Records

Forest Records

Covering a spectrum of musical stylings including but not limited to ambient soundscapes, electronica and singer-songwriter recordings.

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4 responses to “Netlabel recommendations and reviews”

  1. Warren Daly says:

    Great work here

    Jaqwawaj – Marsman & Takuma Nakata

  2. […] in an upcoming mix. If you’re at the helm of a netlabel I try my best to promote you on my netlabel review. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I mean […]

  3. Hi Warren – just found this page. Cool!
    Our netlabel is Broken Drum Records and we call what we do ‘Transglobal Breakbeat Dub Science’.

    Our main act is Secret Archives of the Vatican and you can find their releases here:

    Our most recent release is by Thousand Yard Prayer and you can find it here:

    it is a demanding release; it combines Middle-Eastern rhythms (no tunes in 4/4 time) and tunings with dubstep-influenced bass-driven electronica. Not pop music!

    Our own website is here:


    Hopefully, you’ll find our music interesting!


    Broken Drum Records

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