Netabel Tracker #12: FeedbackLoop Label

feedbackloop netlabelFounder Leonardo Rosado and artist Gacouganol continue their innovative quests to combine exciting new sounds, stunning visuals and poetry on their Netlabel FeedbackLoop. They truly are champions of Creative Commons and the Netlabel cause.

What’s so special about FeedbackLoop Label

Consistancy and quality are certainly traits I associate with FeedbackLoop label. They release intriguing CDr, digital downloads and beautiful digital postcards. They differentiate themselves even more by conjuring up inventive ways to captivate and fascinate their listeners using a myriad of mediums.

Feedback Loop Netlabel seeks to release music from whatever genre so long as it challenges, is emotive and is of high standard. Feedback Loop releases both digital editions and limited hand-made physical editions under a creative commons license.

It’s all about the listeners pleasure

FeedbackLoop aim to create timeless pieces of art. This is instantly obvious if you check out any of their releases. While their catalog is not filling up as fast as other labels, their 19 current releases and 9 podcasts are all notable creations. Quality over quantity is their mantra. Their combinations of text, photography, artwork and soundscapes are breathtaking. Certainly a benchmark for artists and other labels to reference.

Prepare to be engaged

FeedbackLoop is one of my ‘go to’ labels when I am searching for engaging music to listen to and include in my Agentcasts. My previous podcasts have included tracks by Savaran and Leonardo Rosado. I always take time to reflect on their artwork and photography, you can see that love and attention went in to every detail.

They have a fantastic roster of artists, my best advise is to visit their site and enjoy everyone of their amazing creations. As always I wait in anticipation and excitement for their next release.


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