Music Recommendations – magical ambient scapes and laid back beats

It’s been a bit quiet on the web front as I’ve been rearranging my music studio. I’ll be back in to the swing of things again soon. There is an upcoming AgentCast mix for December, so stay tuned. It’s been a while since I wrote a Netlabel review, I promise more are on the way. I’ve decided to highlight 4 releases that need your attention and should certainly be in your music collection.

Netlabel releases that are essential for your music collection

Ketsa – 11.11 Vol 1 and 11.11 Vol 11 (2 X LP)

Dominic Giam - Ketsa - 11.11 vol 1 Ketsa (Dominic Giam) is an extremely talented and prolific artist.  Based in London, Dominic hails from the free party scene and is an experienced musician and DJ. With several vinyl and a whole range of digital releases he has crafted himself a unique and beautiful sound.  His latest release 11.11 Vol1 is on BFW Recordings and is available for free here. Layers of intricate melodies and samples glide you gently through a fresh and positively charged journey.

If that wasn’t enough, Ketsa has released a 2nd album in parallel. Entitled ‘11.11 Vol 11’ it is available for free on Bandcamp. Stunning creations to say the least.


Dustmotes – None for the crow EP

dustmotes_none-for-the-crowProducer and sound designer Paul Crocker (a.k.a. dustmotes) releases his 2nd EP entitled “None For The Crow”. Ambient soundscapes and hypnotic reverie are the order on this excellent EP.  Full of serene ambient textures and guitar based resonances, this EP leaves you wanting for more. Check out the release on Dusted Wax



Ambienteer – Arromanches EP

ambienteer-arromanchesJames introduces new and different textures and techniques on all his releases, re-enforcing the fact he is a gifted and experienced experimental artist. The tracks on Arromanches are deep and rich. James transforms his experiences and emotions directly into engaging sounds on this fabulous EP.


5 responses to “Music Recommendations – magical ambient scapes and laid back beats”

  1. Basil and his most excellent recommendations for 2011 are here
    Good music – check it all out.

  2. BroHahn says:

    Loving the Ambient! You won’t be surprised that I’ve never heard of these masters, so thanks! How about Dub and Glitch? What ya got for me?

  3. […] was much interest in the Ambient and more laid back releases I mentioned in my previous post. To balance things out and to satisfy the friendly requests I’ve decided to share some beat […]

  4. BroHahn says:

    Loving Ketsa!

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