Music Recommendation – Ambienteer ‘hiemal’

We have a big announcement, a cause for celebration. James Fahy a.k.a Ambienteer seems to think a little announcement would suffice. I’m sorry James but that won’t fly with us at Invisible Agent HQ. Ambienteer recently put out his 30th release and we think know this is a monumental occasion. Such frequent and high quality output is something that fellow artists should aspire too. Myself included.

Ambienteer’s 30th release

James composes the most wonderful ambient music. If you like ambient, abstract soundscapes and experimental drones then you need to get these collections downloaded. Not only is James a talent musician who gives away all his work for free but he is also a talented photographer.

Highly recommended listening. If you have a chance please choose to buy a release.


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  1. […] of fine music. Don’t forget about Ambienteer who has recently launched his 30th album, congratulations again James. The new Future Sequence compilation entitled Sequence3 is amazing and will most certainly feature […]

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