Mixcloud: The future of Radio

Mixcloudmixcloud-logo-768x510Fed up of making play lists or churning through the same old music library? Time to tune in to Mixcloud. You can listen to radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mixes on-demand. From Krautrock to Jazz, Ambient to HipHop, there are thousands of reasons why you should join. Did I mention it’s free?

Right now there’s new mixes by Noisia, Foreign Beggars, Adam Beyer, Justin Roberston and piles of other top-notch content. I’m constantly thinking there’s a catch. How can all this fresh new content, selected by some of the best producers and DJ’s in the world be available at the click of a button? Well my hearties, here’s the coolest thing about Mixcloud, they’ll pay royalties to PRS for any songs they stream. You get to listen for free and independent labels and artists get paid. There’s no catches, no subscription fees. Give me a good reason you shouldn’t join?

We all know radio is a powerful medium. However, some say it’s dying, it has lost its soul. Well if that’s true, Mixcloud is a fully charged defibrillator pumping new life in to a tired medium. Okay, they’re not blasting out signals by frequency modulation, yet! But they brought back the personal touch. You can search for artists, DJ names and tags or styles of music using the clean and easy to use interface. There is talk of syndication and other bolt on services too.

Your typical radio station will become a production company as opposed to a broadcast facility. Everybody will be a production company – Mike Harrison, editor of Talkers

Looks like Harrison’s prophecy is already upon us. If you’re feeling creative you can even upload your own shows. Listen to Invisible Agent and thousands of other mixes and podcasts on-demand anywhere. Listen to what you want, when you want and discover wicked new tunes at the same time. Don’t touch that dial!


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