Live music & art events in Cambodia, South East Asia

Looking for something different to do in Cambodia? Want to see engaging new art, listen to live music, or go to a decent club night?

Phnom Penh is a dynamic and expanding city, so it’s about time I updated my earlier post suggesting some resources to assist you on your quest for entertainment. The capital of Cambodia has a burgeoning arts & culture scene and a range of art exhibitions, theatre, movie festivals and live music events in a number of venues throughout the city.

What to do in Cambodia

It’s easy to get vital information on the latest events from a number of websites, free magazines, and other publications. Here is my updated list:

  • Interviews and gig listing (in print format and PDF download) in The Advisor
  • Good coverage of all events are available on the Expat Advisory website
  • For up-to-date listings of all mainstream and underground music events, look no further than Leng Pleng
  • Lady Penh is another listings website
  • There’s also coverage in Asia Life magazine but they haven’t updated their site in 6 months so you’ll have to find print copies around town

Even though it pains me I would also check event listings on Facebook. Feel free to suggest resources you think are worthwhile in the comments below. Hope to see you about town…


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