Art is born from democracy: Leonardo Rosado’s new album – opaque glitter

Leonardo Rosado is well-known for his excellent ambient and experimental compositions on his own FeedbackLoop label and several other Netlabels. Leonardo has worked on a new album entitled ‘opaque glitter‘ for several months, but he is not operating entirely alone. Leonardo incorporated a democratic process during the album creation, allowing website visitors to comment and select the make up of the entire package which includes poetry and photography. Leonardo composed about 90 minutes of music and 40 minutes made it to the final cut of the album.

Leonardo Rosado - opaque glitter album on FeedbackLoop label

How the album was produced

Based on voting between September and December 2010, 8 tracks were voted for by website visitors. Poetry and images were also made to accompany each piece of music. This collective decision-making ensures diverse opinions and allows Leonardo to become a more impartial producer. Tracks which were not selected for the album are accomplished works and are released on other Netlabels. You can track the time-line of the album production here. As a bonus you can download Leonardo’s other singles and be introduced to other fantastic Netlabels.

A customized unique collectors item

inside cover of Leonardo Rosado album - opaque glitterThe FeedbackLoop Label works in a very smart way. They release a free digital EP and if listeners enjoy it they have the opportunity to buy the full album version. The money earned from the sales goes on to support the release of a physical edition of the album. Better still, the physical edition is customized by the listener who chooses the image and poem to be printed on the album cover.

The journey of opaque glitter

Leonardo’s compositions gel together to form a cohesive album that you will enjoy listening to in its entirety. On your journey you will experience enchanting but fleeting melodies. Pausing briefly to relax in a warm and secure meadow, the sound of distance activities will make you curious to continue your quest. As you pass through alien environments, strange entities travelling in parallel with you seem within arms reach, but as they appear they evaporate. Snow drifts carried by the wind will slowly envelope and dissolve your surroundings. These soundscapes and alternate realities are masterfully conjured up by Rosado. Never repeating and always engaging, he has an amazing ability to captivate and fascinate the listener.

Opaque glitter is an excellent ambient album that has plenty of experimental elements and found sounds. It remains inviting and evokes further intrigue, making you content to start the journey all over again. Recommended.


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