Hip Hop – Obama says no to Instrumental

Everybody knows the power of words is tremendous, and writing a controversial post increases traffic. A perfect example of this is Phillip Mlynar’s recent article in SF Weekly with an award-winning title “Instrumental Hip-Hop Sucks. Ban It Forever“. I chuckled when I first read the title and knew it was going to cause a stir. I am selective about the sites where I read users comments, mainly for my sanity. However, I must confess I did have a peek and not surprisingly Mlynar hit a few nerves. One reader suggests he should go and kill himself, which also made me chuckle. Phillip Mlyner’s plan is working perfectly.

Phillip Mlynar sucks. Ban him forever

I’m not going to de-construct the article and offer a rebuttal point by point, that’s already been done. I don’t like Enya’s music, but it won’t make me write articles stating New Age music is hippy drivel and must be destroyed. It might increase our readership, what do you think?

Where is the joy and excitement in listening to three minutes of plodding drum beats overlaid with a short sample that repeats but goes nowhere – Phillip Mlynar on Instrumental Hip Hop

You could say this about Dubstep or other genres, I’ve heard similar sweeping statements being spat out about Techno for years. One could also say that Phillip Mylnar doesn’t know what he is talking about, is blindly opinionated or is mastering his link baiting skills. Let’s avoid a flame war, Mylnar reviews music and he’s entitled to his opinion. On this occasion he might have hammed it with his attention grabbing tabloid headline but he has certainly provoked worthwhile discussions about instrumental Hip Hop.

A perfect Opportunity

More music and less taking, it’s time to explore some great Instrumental Hip Hop. There are gems waiting for you on the Fwonk, Dusted Wax and Dystopiaq Netlabels. I recommend you take a listen to releases on each label. Some of the tracks are included in my Agentcast mixes. Please post links to IHH in the comments that you think deserves a mention.

Maybe Phillip was betting his inflammatory remarks were of a Rush Limbaugh magnitude. After all, if China can ban Lady Gaga and Katy Perry for ‘being vulgar’, surely Obama can ban Instrumental Hop Hop. Happy listening and don’t take Phillip Mlynar so seriously.

Phillip Mlynar