Ghostkid: Things That Go Dub In The Night – Reviewed

It’s about 4 months since I first heard Donny Jankowski’s maiden release The Unlikely Future of Reverse Engineering. His latest album ‘Things That Go Dub In The Night’ on BFW Recordings consists of 7 tracks of dubby electronica and mellow breaks.

The makings

Donny intertwines melodic highs, jittery stabs and stripped down breakbeats, layered over rotund but sleek sub-bass. What identifies Donny is the concord of grainy distortion, tunefulness and his signature snare. Just when you think you’re feeling melancholic you realize you’ve a big grin on your face as you drift from pitch bent keying to circus like themes. Sweeping synths and stuttered arps dash the warbling bass. Danny certainly stamps his mark with his second release on the BFW Netlabel and this album contains some very strong tracks.

Download it now!

Ghostkid solidifies his sound on this colourful and laid back electronica album. It is well produced and I will definitely taking my picks from it for upcoming DJ slots and podcasts.

This release is Netaudio and Creative commons. Please check out Ghostkid and other artists over at BFW Recordings and give them the support they deserve.


3 responses to “Ghostkid: Things That Go Dub In The Night – Reviewed”

  1. BroHahn says:

    Keep it coming! This is pushing me in musical directions I’ve never been!

  2. BroHahn says:

    Zoned Out in the Martian Lab is awesome…This is definately going in my Ski Mix this winter…

    P.s Will you make a Bro Ski Mix for me? The Dub beat along with the super-heavy bottom end distortion is perfect!

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