Ghostkid – The Unlikely Future Of Reverse Engineering

Ghostkid - The Unlikely Future Of Reverse EngineeringGhostkid’s debut release on BFW Recordings, ‘The Unlikely Future Of Reverse Engineering’ is a 7 track EP consisting of laid back beats layered with melodic curves.

All tracks have distorted, stretched or reversed melodic loops with layers of funk influenced breakbeats. ‘Hopeful for a Future (part 2)’ is uplifting and bright, stripes of warbled and fuzzy chimes make it sound almost choir like. ‘Slow Going from Here on Out’ is a de-tuned and grainy affair with more distorted piano samples.

At times I find similarities to works from The Boards of Canada, lots of captivating chimes and leisurely snares make this a fantastic debut release for Ghostkid.  These tracks will definitely feature in my future laid-back DJ sets. Well worth checking out.


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