New albums and singles on Invisible Agent Records

new invisible agent releasesThere are a several singles and albums circling Invisible Agent HQ and I’m too excited about these upcoming releases to stay quiet any longer. Here’s some exciting new music about to coming in for a smooth landing:

First in the holding pattern is the rising star Eomac who will soon grace us with a new EP entitled ‘Battery Baby’. It’s getting increasingly difficult to lock Eomac down to one genre which is a good thing. I guess this EP could be described as an amalgamation of dark and dirty baselines, rave-o-matic riffs and breakbeat stylings. This will be Eomac’s inaugural release on Invisible Agent and will be available in all good download stores worldwide in August.

Remixes are ready and mastered for John Dalton’s well received techno production ‘fifteen’. This EP has diverse remixes by Danseizure, Eomac and Ebauche. It was always going to be difficult to top John’s original output, but I am sure you’ll be as impressed as I was when I first heard these distinct and fresh re-works by fellow Invisible Agent producers. This EP is bound to send x-ray machines in to overload. More information coming soon…

Last but not least is Danseizure who’s weighed in with some heavy cargo. Known to hang out at the Forest Record Collective counter, Dan Gorman has produced experimental soundscapes and scores for several years. This Dan’s 3rd album to be released on Invisible Agent Records and I’m very excited about his latest body of work. As always, Dan’s sounds are meticulously crafted and will leave you mesmerized. Touch down of these releases is imminent, stayed tuned to cash in on your frequent flier miles.


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