Flying free on Bandcamp: Danseizure – ‘This is Danseizure’ now available

Danseizure a.k.a Dan Gorman has been with us since our inception in 2000. His previous albums ‘At Home with’ and ‘Let’s not go out’ were released free of charge in 2002 and 2005 respectively. Since then, thousands of listeners have enjoyed Dan’s wonderful creations. The monster track ‘throw’ sparkled and stood out on the first Invisible Agent compilation ‘we are not your friends’. 100 handmade CDs were given away for free at Temple Bar Music Centre (Ireland) in 2003 and the release was immediately available for free download ever since.

Three is the magic number

I was excited when Dan approached me to release his 3rd album and latest masterpiece ‘This is Danseizure’. A 10 track journey encompassing sumptuous Skweee, engaging Electronica and melodic Electro. It’s Dan’s most accomplished work yet.

Dedicated to all those who were there for the journeys

From Dublin to Edinburgh, a monastery in Damascus, Syria or a WWII bunker in Berlin, Dan is always making field recordings and conjuring up new aural creations for all to enjoy. Here’s a little synopsis Dan gave us…

This album was made over the course of 3 years of traveling. Music comes on without warning, swells up in my head and then bullies me into making something that sounds like it. That’s what this album is, a nod of recognition towards the sounds in my head. Dedicated to all those who were there for the journeys, and especially to those who have moved on to their own journeys. – Dan Gorman

Album - Danseizure - This is Danseizure

Flying free on Bandcamp

It gives me great please to release Dan’s latest album ‘This is Danseizure’ as a Creative Commons release, free for all to enjoy. We’ve released it free via the nice folks over at bandcamp. If you like it, share it with your friends. If you want to support future releases from Dan and friends on Invisible Agent, you can purchase the album by naming your price. Pretty cool!


Others have recognized Dan’s talent and the emotions he captures in his work…

At once energetic, ambient, and brimming with both field recordings and original sounds, the appeal of Danseizure‘s LP “This is Danseizure” lies in his ability to grasp the ephemeral, detailed mystery of countless moments, all in the span of ten tracks. – Katie Weed – Dovetail website

Get ‘Danseizure – This is Danseizure’ for free over at Bandcamp

Or if you’re feeling extravagant you can purchase the album via the other channels here… Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy Dan’s sweet music.



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