Netabel Tracker #11: Born Digital – A new audiovisual Netlabel is born

It’s clear that the quality and frequency of Netlabel releases has ascended over the past few months. It’s encouraging to see sustained activity and interest for Netaudio on twitter and of course the ‘return to’ sites for all things Creative Commons such as INQ Magazine and Netlabelism. There are so many active record labels releasing top quality EPs and albums covering so many genres it’s hard to ignore the surge. The wave of progress is not just made up of audio, there are many excellent visual and new media artists at the forefront of the Netlabel movement.

Exploring new media & creative collaboration

A media collective called Born Digital has just launched as a new audiovisual Netlabel. The individuals involved are experience and professional audio and visual producers. Boasting a list of versatile multimedia artists that includes Marsman, Takuma Nakata, Jonathan Read, Julien Mier, Daan Kars and Zumi, they’re set to push the Netlabel cause even further. For more information visit their website netlabel information page.


First release: “Passenger” by Julien Mier (music) & Daan Kars (visuals)

The quality or work is apparent in this 28 minute long album with sound by the very talented Julien Mier and superb visuals from the guru Daan Kars. I’ve listened to many of Julien’s earlier releases on various Netlabels. His ability to deliver emotional and engaging melodies is always second to none. And as an experienced visual artist myself in the past, I found Daan’s shots, edits and effects inspiring, enough to keep me transfixed for 28 minutes. I was very impressed and I know you will be too.

Check out their high definition video on Vimeo and be sure to show them some love by leaving a comment or checking out their website. Until next time, take care.


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  1. Warren Daly says:

    Great work here

    Jaqwawaj – Marsman & Takuma Nakata

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