Bliss: the music lovers personal assistant

Are you still performing manual MP3 tagging? Want to know how to finally tame your music collection?

A few weeks ago I posted an article about ID3 tags and I recommended Easy Tag. Shortly afterwards I was contacted by Dan Gravell who was kind enough to give me a copy of Bliss. Bliss is software for tagging and organizing your music collection and it’s the best tagging software I’ve ever used.

A powerful application that saves you time

Bliss is an excellent innovation, a rule based service that allows for effortless tagging of large music collections. I highly recommend Bliss. Gone are the days of manually configuring and painstakingly tagging your music. It is simple to use but has a variety of brilliant features. Here is a summary:

  • Runs silently in the background – never again will you have to worry about tagging. Bliss automatically tags and organizes your files for you. Seeing is believing, this is one of the most powerful, time saving applications I’ve used in a long time
  • Works on Mac, Windows and Linux – finally a software development company that lives in the real world
  • Fast and easy to use – it uses very little memory and is fast and efficient
  • Web based interface – accessible from anywhere on your network, or even across the world

Stress testing Bliss

When you add or update music to your collection, Bliss automatically assesses the music against your rules, fixing what it can, and letting you know if it cannot. It can rename files, folders, assign the correct tags and even automatically embeds the proper album artwork. So lets see how Bliss handled some tests I threw at it, I was purposely trying to catch Bliss out:

  • Rarities: Added thousands of rare 1930’s Jazz and Swing – within seconds Bliss was automatically tagging and finding album art for rarities and collectors items
  • How does it cope with massive collections? I added 90,000 music files, spanning multiple genres and releases over the past 20 years.  I’ve been struggling to tame these files for a long time. What I hadn’t completed in 3 years of constantly and meticulously working my way from folder to folder was sorted out by Bliss in an afternoon. I didn’t have to do anything! Now I know why they call it Bliss.
  • Accuracy: I dropped a bunch of creative commons music and some rare music from independent record labels. Bliss glided through them, place the correct album art, and even assigning the year and correcting the genre tag. Bliss nailed it every time.

Bliss: the music lovers personal assistant

It doesn’t matter what operating system you run or what your favorite media player is, if you love music you need Bliss.  Bliss is one of the most powerful, time saving applications I’ve used in a long time. To learn more about features, read tutorials and testimonials click here. Happy listening.


3 responses to “Bliss: the music lovers personal assistant”

  1. warren daly says:

    Competition time!
    Dan Gravell, creator of Bliss has given us an ‘unlimited fixes’ license worth $50. So we’re running a competition, all you have to do is answer 1 simple question (in the comments box below)

    When date was the first Invisible Agent podcast or ‘agentcast’ made available for download?

    Bliss is licensed ‘per fix’. This means, for every fix bliss makes to your music library, it costs you one ‘fix’. Right now, that only applies to each time album art is saved, resized or embedded. bliss tells you how many fixes you have and how many you need to complete its work.

    Good luck.

  2. Dan Gravell says:

    Thanks for the review Warren!

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