Beem on the squeeze

beem in the studioElectronic music producer & recording artist Fredrik Mjelle A.K.A ‘Beem‘ has released his 3rd album, a 9 tracker entitled ‘Peel’.


Beem is a co-founder of Skweee, a musical style with origins in Nordic countries Sweden and Finland. So what’s the deal with Skweee? Some say it’s a Nordic take on minimal techno, 8-bit hip-hop/dubstep hybrid or r&b made by the electronica crowd. Whatever you want to call it, this album is a happy-go-lucky journey, full of funk, layered with rich chords and jammed with retro-synth hooks. Apparently Beem has turned down offers from multiple record labels and released his album for free.

A brief history of Skweee

Early Skweee releases were exclusively put out on 7″ vinyl, major players in the Skweee arena are labels such as Flogsta Danshall and its producer-founder Pavan, the Finnish record label Harmönia and Norwegian dødpop to name just a few. Get your fill of Skweee, Wonky, Aquacrunk, you know it’s good for you.