Ambienteer – Ataraxia

ambienteer - ataraxia How I missed this is beyond me. I follow James Fahy’s music dairy closely, my only explanation for leaving his album slip through the net is having Christmas shenanigans with friends who came to visit me in Cambodia. Anyhow, I’ll get on with it…

Ambienteer gifts us with an 8 track album of wondrous ambient music entitled ‘Ataraxia‘. While listening I find myself gently surrounded by warm and affectionate sounds. The opening track ‘Atraxia’ gracefully prepares you for the rest of your journey. Even after being submerged by the sometimes tenebrous streams of ‘augment’, ‘reclamation’ and ‘barium falling’, I realize I’m exhilarated equally by them as the brighter ‘music box’ or the last track ‘coeur en hiver’. James has masterfully predetermined your destination by painting a picturesque world using a palette of resonance, harmony and reverberations. Amazing stuff.

Tenacious material expertly crafted by a purveyor of the finest ambient creations, ‘Ataraxia‘ is a must have.


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  1. Warren Daly says:

    Here’s another most detailed review of James’s amazing work


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