Lush Ambient Music – Circumambient 028 (guest mix by Michael Gaida)

A new podcast from Circumambient by Michael Gaida. At the helm of Circumambient is the energetic, and enthusiastic Thomas, who also finds the time to oversee the wonderful We Are All Ghosts record label.

My goal is to celebrate the oceans of sound that surround us and showcase the wonderful independent artists and netlabels that act like tributories… feeding these seas with their streams of aural delight. – Thomas Mathie

Circumambient 028 – a guest mix by Michael Gaida

This gorgeous mix features tracks from the We Are All Ghosts label, and includes a track by Gaida entitled “Return to Deep Space”. He also includes our view own Drew Miller a.k.a Brother Saturn, and the super talented Kevin Lyons. It also features the wonderful work of Earlyguard and Cousin Silas too.




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