Invisible Agent showcase at HOTEL BALLYMUN

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Featuring in Hotel Ballymun on the 15th of April is a showcase of electronic visuals, art installations, live music, sonic experiments and interactive multimedia.
Invisible Agent has always brought together a myriad of diverse artists – features on the night include:
Live Music & Sonic Experiments by:

  • Corrugated Tunnel (a.k.a Edwin James)
  • Ebauche (aka Alex Leonard)
  • Jonathan O’Riordan (aka Love Rhino)
  • Warren Daly

Art Installations by:

  • Enagh Farrell
  • Dermot Finn

Short Video by:

  • Dan Gorman , Jason Pogo , Chris Palmer

Digital Projections by:

  • Deirdre Ambrose

Experimental Theatre:

  • Regan O’Brien


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