Warren Daly – Epokhe EP reviewed in DJ Magazine

'Epokhe' is his most accomplished record so far

Warren Daly’s first EP, Epokhe, has just received an extremely strong review from DJ Mag which you can read below.

If you’d like to check it out, head on over to the Epokhe release page for details on where to get it!

Warren Daly – Epokhe EP  (Invisible Agent)

Daly has released tracks before on his Invisible Agent label, but ‘Epokhe’ is his most accomplished record so far. Combining grungy, cavernous bass with sensuous melodies and sweet chords, ‘Ocean’ sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

‘Praha’ and ‘Unnamed Souls’ are jaw-droppingly beautiful arrangements, the glistening melodies accompanied by languid breaks. Not even Ebauche’s denser version of ‘Praha’ can detract from the sublime mood.