mnk by Eomac

  1. mnk 06:23
  2. bashy 04:02
  3. texx 04:12
  4. medieval massive 04:16

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Braindance just got better

Eomac is set to takes dance floors by storm. As a DJ he moves between style and genre with ease on a mission to find the heaviest and most challenging beats around – an eclectic but always cohesive mix held together by the love of good electronic music. In the studio his own productions adhere to this eclectic aesthetic but always with a firm nod to the dance floor.

Former member of :undermine: and the other half of Lakker, eomac paints a brooding and dark canvas, layered with glitched-out breakbeat and electro on his first solo release on Invisible Agent.

Reviews of mnk by Eomac

There is no way to avoid the infectious upbeatness of this EP. This is goodtime music… unashamedly jiggy and jaunty with a depth of sound and all the hallmarks of technical proficiency. – Headphonaught

For now, its another fine addition to what is becoming an increasingly versatile and respectable back catalogue from one of Ireland’s electronic music standard bearers. – We Are Noiise


It's a dark and trippy affair, drawing on halfstep and breakbeat rhythms throughout.