TB Rox by Corrugated Tunnel

  1. TB Rox
  2. Acid Rox
  3. TB Rox (Dave Tarrida Mix)
  4. TB ROX (ikeaboy Remix)

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Acid tweakin’ tech stomper with remixes from Dave Tarrida and ikeaboy

“Very good stuff. like the original and the tarrida mix. will play both.” Olvier Huntemann

“As Swedes say when they try to give compliment “Super nice”..really like this package” Mark O Sullivan(DK7)

“A million thanks for that.Sounds great a bientot” Laurent Garnier

“what Leroy Burgess would sound like if he moved to Europe…bleached his skin…and fasted from hooks; truly a compliment when knowing one is an underrated electro-boogie pioneer/maverick… and this current artist is on the verge of…BECOMING. CHAPEAU, BABY!” Chelonis R Jones

“I digg the original mix” Orlando Voorn