I am Corrugated by Corrugated Tunnel

  1. I am Corrugated
  2. High Tides
  3. Holiday Blues
  4. Careful What You Wish For
  5. Slope Type A/B
  6. Back in the Day
  7. Shine and See
  8. The Drifter
  9. You are Numb
  10. Last One Standing
  11. Snow Angels

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Emotional techno with a cinematic edge

Corrugated Tunnel (aka Edwin James) releases his highly anticipated new album ‘I AM CORRUGATED’ in Sept 2008, the follow up to his acclaimed award-winning debut album ‘We are Electronix’ (Slick DJ Best Album Award 2006/7).

An accomplished album; deep, brooding, melodic, atmospheric

I AM CORRUGATED sees the artist at his evocative best, delivering a rich style of composition that fuses deep lunging basslines, iridescent electronics, lavish string arrangements and sub sonic melodies, to create a lush emotive cinematic sound.


‘Something Truly Special’ Hotpress Magazine 4/5
‘Great album Mr. James’ Santiago Salazar [UR]
‘Cinematic’ *** The Irish Times
‘Really Beautiful’ Laurent Garnier
‘Absolutely stunning!’ John Power 2fm
‘This Album is a soundtrack and should be placed in an movie!’ Orlando Voorn
‘Wonderful’ Marc Romboy [Systematic]
‘One of Irelands greater sonic moments.’ Mark O’Sullivan [DK7]
‘Love the Album’ Paul Hamill [BBC Radio]
‘Beautiful Melodies’ Pedro Cali [FCOM]
‘This album is a work of art’ Jay Grogan [Slick DJ ]
‘Emotional techno with a cinematic edge’ AmbientRecords.co.uk

A labyrinth of electronica

The self-titled opening track starts where it means to finish, its deep unremitting baseline bolstered by surge after surge of intense string activity. The mood is magnified with the beautifully crafted ‘High Tides’ as it soars and cries, while ‘Holiday Blues’, from its opening melancholic chords through to its memorable haunting melody, is stunning in its simplicity. A deep and probing bassline provides the foundation for the orchestral ambience of ‘Careful What You Wish For’, swathing together by the end in rich texture.

From the mournful labyrinth that is ‘Slope Type A’ to the unrelenting oldskool intensity of ‘Back in the Day’, the sunkist electronica (complete with neo-classical guitars) of ‘Shine and See’ to the infectious pulsating techno anthem that is ‘Last One Standing’, ‘I AM CORRUGATED’ conjures up an electronic heartland that aches as much as it soothes. ‘Snow Angels’ is the last train leaving, its passengers satiated, partied-out robots heading into the sunset.

I AM CORRUGATED is an accomplished piece of work; deep, brooding, melodic, uplifting, atmospheric; a work that claws at your emotions and expects something in return.