No Sync

No Sync - Invisible Agent Records

No Sync are Mikel Krumins, James Gloyn and Dan Gorman. They go way back, all having been involved in various ways since 2000 with the Forest in Edinburgh, a experimental arts space masquerading as a vegetarian cafe. They all have made music separately, and now, for the first time, together. The music was recorded on a variety of non-midi keyboards live in session in Hackney, east London in 2013, this album is an introduction to landscaped glitch-hop. All done in one take, with drifting synths, samples and beats all improvised. Our influences range from CMG to 7VWWVW
The album cover and the name come from a broken projector we saw when we were at a party at Amhurst Republic after recording all day.

James Gloyn makes music as part of Mal Voyage

Mikel Krumins makes music as himself

Dan Gorman makes music as Danseizure